A Health Spending Account (HSA) is a tax deductible bank account for your healthcare needs . . . allowing you the freedom to spend as it suits your lifestyle

No premium increases EVER

You decide how much you want and/or need in your HSA each year – increases or decreases are up to you

No wasted or lost contributions

Unspent contributions at year end carry forward for spending the following year

Ease of use

Your Fiducia Wealth HSA provides a Visa card – pay your healthcare providers and pharmacy directly –no claim forms and no waiting for reimbursement

Choice of spending

Unparalleled list of eligible expenses, with no limits or exceptions, to meet your individual healthcare needs. View eligible expenses


Any financially dependent family member – related by blood or marriage (siblings, parents, grandparents, etc)

Medical treatments outside of Canada

No need to wait for an MRI in Canada – receive specialized treatments provided in other countries

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Health Spending Account (HSA)?

This is, essentially, a savings account for your health. Your business deposits pre-tax dollars are deposited into your account and they can be spend on the healthcare services of your choice.

Why can’t I just put money into a savings account on my own?

The Canada Revenue Agency only recognizes the tax deductible status of Health Spending Accounts when they are established and managed by a Third Party Administrator.

Where can I use my HSA?

Your HSA is not restricted by cost or healthcare provider type…it offers a much broader range of services than any health insurance plan. Because of the tax deductible nature of this account, eligible services are determined by the government, and vary province by province.

Are there any fees associated with setting up an HSA?

There is a 10% administration fee on all HSA contributions.  There are no annual fees or transaction fees.

How do I access my HSA?

You will be issued a Visa Card to pay for your HSA expenses.

Who is Covered on my HSA?

ALL your financial dependents, which can include spouse, children, parents, siblings, etc.

Why is Fiducia so inexpensive, compared to other plans?

We replaced the high cost coverages – like dental and vision – with a Health Spending Account (HSA). So instead of paying high premiums, we are contributing your dollars toward your health spending!

Who is the Administrator of the HSA?

We are Canada’s fastest growing Third Party Administrator of Health Spending Accounts and have over 200,000 clients. We have taken ‘ease of use’ to a new level with our pay direct Visa Card and our advanced claims processing.

Eligible Expenses

Your business makes tax deductible deposits to your personal Health Spending Account (HSA), and you can then use this tax free money to pay for the healthcare expenses of your choice.

Extended Health CareDental & VisionSpecial Care





Occupational Therapist

Pharmacist Consults

Physicians & Surgeons

Licensed Dietician


Medical Radiation Treatments

Prescription Drugs


Medical Laboratory

Respiratory Therapist

Massage Therapist (RMT


Dental Hygienist

Dental Surgeons

Dental Technologists



Prescription Contact Lenses



Prescription Glasses

Prescription Sunglasses

Fertility Drugs & Treatment


Special Needs Tuition

Assistive Devices

Diabetic Pumps

Elderly Parent & Dependent Care

Schooling For Spectrum Line Disorders

Speech-Language Pathologists

Cosmetic Surgery*

* this list is in accordance with the rules governing the Medical Tax Benefit and is subject to change** for medical or reconstructive purposes only

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