What is it?

What is it?

We Are on A Mission

An alarming number of Canadians do not have a valid Will or Power of Attorney for Property or Health Care.

At Fiducia Wealth, we are on a mission to ensure that our clients and others in our circle are not among them. Dying without a valid Will (“Intestate”) can place incredible hardship and complexity on family members during one of the most stressful and difficult times they ever face.


The Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist

To help facilitate, encourage and nudge as many people as possible to take this step and implement an Estate Plan, we have partnered with Tom Deans – bestselling author of “Willing Wisdom” and “Every Family’s Business” to provide you with free access to the Willing Wisdom Index™.

This proprietary tool will not only help you save legal costs by allowing you to make important decisions before meeting with a lawyer to execute a Will, but it will also allow you to articulate an Estate Plan that will ensure that your estate is distributed:

  • To Whom You Wish
  • With the Desired Terms of Access & Control
  • In the Simplest Manner Possible
  • While Seeking to Minimize the Tax Burden & Associated Costs

If you choose to share your Willing Wisdom Index™ with us, we can help you further assess your options to craft a Will Planning Outline and work with your Estate Lawyer to ensure your goals are being addressed. If you don’t have an existing Estate Lawyer, we can recommend someone we have worked with in the past.


100% Confidential & Free

To complete your Willing Wisdom Index™, and receive your free Estate Planning Report, simply click here!

It only takes about 10 minutes. Your report is confidential and only shared with us if you request that it be.

We also encourage you to share this link with any family or friends that you think would benefit.


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