Insurance Risk Management

Nobody really likes to think about bad things happening, but they do.  We believe that a proper risk management strategy should be our first planning priority.

In our view, there are two situations where insurance solutions may be appropriate for clients:

Insurance Needs

To reduce the risk of financial hardship that may arise in the case of death, disability or sickness.  In these situations, insurance is generally used to pay off debts or replace the income of a breadwinner to ensure that the family’s home and lifestyle are secure.

Insurance “Wants”

In situations where the asset base is sufficient to ensure that there will not be financial hardship, there are still many occasions where insurance may be a valuable part of your overall estate and legacy plan.

For example, the preferential tax treatment of insurance proceeds in Canada can often present many attractive planning opportunities to enhance and ensure liquidity to preserve assets, assist with inter-generational wealth transfer, create a legacy or even produce tax efficient income for retirement.

If you would like us to assess the suitability of your insurance portfolio, we would be happy to help you:

  • Define the right amount of coverage you need or want.
  • Ensure that it will be in-force when you need it to be.
  • Seek the best total cost over the desired coverage period.
  • Distinguish between the need for coverage to protect yourself and your family from financial hardship and the planning opportunities where insurance can help you achieve better outcomes or accomplish your legacy goals.
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