Fiducia Wealth Management has partnered with Worldsource Financial Management Inc. (WFM) to provide access to the investment products and services needed to implement our plans.

WFM provides us with access to Private Client Investment Programs, mutual funds, government bonds and GICs. In addition, WFM also facilitates access to a roster of some of the best Investment Counsellors & Portfolio Managers (ICPMs) in the marketplace – which are available on a referral basis*.

Investment Counselors & Portfolio Managers

Guardian Capital Advisors

Cardinal Capital Management

Connor, Clark & Lunn

CI Private Counsel

Cumberland Private Wealth Management

Dixon Mitchell Investment Counsel

Doherty & Associates

Fiduciary Trust

Goodman Private Wealth

HAHN Investment Stewards & Company Inc.

Highview Financial Group

Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel

Manulife Private Wealth

Provisus Wealth Management Inc.

T.E. Investment Counsel

A Full Range of Account Types

Open (Cash) Accounts

Corporate Investment Accounts



LIRAs, Locked-In RRSPs & LIFs

IPPs (Individual Pension Plans)



In-Trust Accounts

WFM is a subsidiary of Worldsource Wealth Management Inc., which is wholly owned by Guardian Capital Group Limited, a diversified financial services firm which serves the needs of a range of clients.

*If we utilize an ICPM Referral Arrangement in the management of your account, the ICPM referred will have responsibility for the day to day operation of your managed account and regulatory Know Your Client obligations.  We will continue to provide our other services such as Financial, Retirement & Insurance Planning.

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