The beginning is the most important part of the work. – Plato

As part of our comprehensive financial planning process, we take our clients through the following steps:

The Right Fit

The Client-Advisor Relationship is based on mutual trust. A proper alignment of personality, attitudes and values is critical to the creation of a successful partnership for the long-term management of your wealth. We will invest the requisite time up-front to gain a proper understanding of your life, lifestyle and legacy goals as well as the family dynamics that surround them. While we service a wide variety of clients, we have a particular passion and expertise working with business owners, incorporated professionals and stewards of family wealth.


If there is a fit, we will then embark on our discovery process. First, we will provide you with a signed confidentiality statement. This is a key element of discovery as the quality of our advice and recommendations depends fully on the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. At this point, we will begin to develop a working definition of your Vision of Financial Success™.

Initial Assessment & Evaluation

Post discovery, we will provide you with a high-level analysis of your current situation and highlight gaps between your vision of financial success and your current plan. In short-form, we will summarize an action plan to address priority areas and close gaps. At this point, you will decide if you wish to engage us as your advisory firm.

Strategies & Solutions

Once engaged, we will proceed to develop our recommendations based on your priorities and targeted to maximize your success. Finally, we will finalize and prioritize your action plan for execution in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Monitoring & Review

Financial success is a moving target. The best laid plans still require periodic adjustment to ensure that they remain appropriate relative to shifts in personal and family dynamics as well as an ever-changing economic environment.

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