George Messham

Retired Entrepreneur (Client since 2003)

I appreciate your youth, energy and passion for your profession. I have found you to be highly competent with a unique ability to distill complex financial concepts into terms that I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand. Business is business, but I truly believe our relationship goes beyond that. There have been some difficult times in my life and I have never doubted that your concern for me and my best interests has been sincere.

Dr. Samia Wasfy

Family Physician (Client since 2003)

You have earned our trust with your integrity and devotion to the best interests of your clients.  You have always taken our concerns at heart; patiently reassuring and guiding.  You do your work diligently and always come prepared to your meetings with us.  Once again, we would like to thank you for your passion to excel in planning our finances and hope that all of your clients share our trust and confidence in your services.

Norman & Helen Law

Multiple Pharmacy Owners (Clients since 2004)

Your expertise in analyzing our overall financial situation and ability to identify targeted strategies to improve efficiency and coordinate our overall plan has been very valuable to us. You always take the time to explain things to us in terms we can easily understand and all of our friends and family we have referred to you have been very happy as well. We truly appreciate your guidance and your dedication to our financial success.

Anna & Stephen Leung

Retired Pharmacy Owners (Clients since 2006)

We have come to value and trust your advice very much. You took the time to learn our style and what is really important to us. We truly believe that you provide your recommendations to us based on what you think is in our best interest the same way you would for your own family.


HR Executive (Client since 2003)

I strongly value your ability to bring a rare combination of client-centred education, balanced, fact-based guidance and personal empathy to our relationship. … You have always respected my tolerance for risk and change but have also provided me with valuable education and information – enabling me to comfortably make important changes to address new opportunities. With your help, I have successfully established a solid foundation for a positive financial future.


Senior Manager @ Major Accounting Firm (Client since 2006)

Jamie has provided timely and informative financial planning advice which has been specifically tailored to my situation and needs.  He has also provided advice and recommendations on topics I hadn’t considered previously which have proven to be valuable.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jamie’s financial planning expertise.


Former Business Owner (Client since 2004)

“Jamie has been my Financial Planner for many years.  He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Financial Management.  Jamie has been involved in providing me with planning and advice for my various companies as well as my personal financial investments.  He provides the highest level of professionalism and service and communicates with me or people in our company on a frequent basis, which is very much appreciated.  Jamie is very responsive.  When you are dealing with investments it is a comforting feeling to get an immediate recommendation or answer. He also takes a personal interest in my business and life, so he is not the typical salesperson just wanting to make the sale.  He knows enough about my situation to provide informed decisions and beneficial advice.


Retired Franchise Owners (Clients since 2003)

We appreciate your youthful exuberance and your ability to explain your advice and recommendations so they are easily understood has been of great value to us. With the ups and downs of markets lately, we feel we have weathered the storm very well and are comfortable and confident that we will have the income we want to truly enjoy our retirement and that our eventual estate will be settled adequately (hopefully some decades in the future!).

John Casullo

Retired Executive (Client since 2003)

In all of our dealings you have exemplified a very high level of professionalism that goes beyond the business relationship.  Although you are doing most of the work, always make sure we understand and keep us involved in the decisions and future of our financial well-being.  We have no qualms about endorsing and recommending you to our family, friends and associates.


Female HR Executive (Former client from 2003)

What I value about our relationship is how you work to really understand my financial needs and goals as well as how those translate into the development of my overall portfolio.  You bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table and I appreciate that you are proactively looking after my needs.  You don’t just recommend products, you recommend options and strategies to help ensure that my portfolio is well balanced.  In addition, you take a long-term view versus having a short-term mindset with respect to your recommendations.  You also listen to what I am trying to accomplish and provide solutions to help me achieve those goals – for example, finding ways to fit my charitable goals into my overall financial plan.  You really take an interest in your clients and their success.

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